CP pensioners were an important part of the railway’s success. Today, we continue to play a leading role as advocates for the railway.

The National Council of Canadian Pacific Pensioners Associations (NCCPPA) seeks to protect the interests of all retired Canadian Pacific employees and their spouses, and to promote the general goodwill and fellowship among the local affiliated associations. To this end, we work with Robert Cameron, our Pensioner Representative and formal liaison with the CP Pension Committee under the Pension Rules.

We urge you to join the NCCPPA. The Council has conventions approximately every three years in various locations across Canada. We discuss many topics of interest which our members may face on a daily basis.

There are also many benefits in belonging to your local pensioner association, and we encourage you to join and get involved with the activities of these associations. Help out where you can, it is worth it. And if there is not an association in your area, consider starting one.