National Council of Canadian Pacific Pensioners Associations (NCCPPA)

The NCCPPA was originally charted on October 15, 1984. The inaugural meeting took place on May 17, 1985, in Winnipeg, where the Council was officially founded. Starting with the year 1991, the NCCPPA have held biennial conventions.  At the 2017 convention held in Kamloops, B.C., the decision was taken to move to triennial conventions.

The purpose and objectives of the NCCPPA are:

  • To protect the interest of all retired Canadian Pacific Railway Employees and their spouses in all matters concerning their Canadian Pacific Railway pension and other benefits.
  • To be the National Council for the Associations of Canadian Pacific Pensioners.

Prior to our conventions, we seek input from ALL member associations as to what, if any, improvements or changes they would suggest be made to pension rules, pensions, or to any of the other benefits they currently receive.

In order for the NCCPPA to be effective it is important that as many pensioners as possible become members of their local pensioner associations. If there is no pensioner association in your area you may contact any member of the executive committee for further information.

New NCCPPA President

NCCPPA President’s letter – introduction of Surinder Rehill

Current NCCPPA Executive (2017 — 2020)

NCCPPA-Executive-2017-2020, November 2018

By-laws and Minutes of the NCCPPA

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